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Ruffle and the first train

“Ruffle looked across at the man and noticed that he was different to the others. Across his eyes he had a thick bandage, a bit grubby in places. Black spikey hair poked out from the top of the bandage. He was a young man, yet his face seemed old and weary. The man turned, his face looking to where Ruffle was sitting.”

‘You’re there, aren’t you?’ he said quietly. ‘I can sense you’re there. Here, come on. Come and say ‘hello’.’ The man held out a hand in Ruffle’s direction.

A special Ruffle story to commemorate the ending of the First World War. Aimed specifically at under 10s to prompt discussions. If we are to ensure the sacrifice is not forgotten, then we must look to our younger generations. Hopefully this story will begin the interest to help them remember…

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