Storytelling using puppets.

Rachel’s use of puppets will inspire children to use their imagination in an exciting and innovative way.

    Our cast of life-size Bunraku puppets used in workshops – children and adults enjoy the chance to work as a team to bring these puppets to life!

Puppets can promote conversation and language skills, helping to develop confidence in children’s ideas and creativity. Rachel has created stories based on traditional tales involving princes, a huge wooden horse, a flying carpet and a witch! As well as her popular Ruffle the Rail Dog series of stories, there is also the tale of The Agiliphant – you will believe that even elephants can do agility. Around the mesmerising sight of a campfire, children can use a variety of hand puppets to create stories and adventures – where else can imagination come alight?

A truly excellent day!

I will definitely be looking for a similar workshop from you for my Year 4s next year as it serves as an excellent enrichment to our play scripts unit.

Mr Foote, Year 4 Class Teacher, Latimer Primary School, Anstey, Leics

Story telling and workshops at Good Shepherd Primary and Trent College, Notts in partnership with HA4K – holiday activity club. (Jul/Aug 2019)

School workshops: storytelling sessions with puppets

Rachel offers either half or full day workshops with KS2 children.

The workshop usually starts off with a performance using the marionettes. Following the performance, Rachel will introduce a session on basic puppet skills where the children can handle and have a go at working some of the puppets themselves. Next, comes the creative part when Rachel will encourage the children’s imagination to create their own puppet stories. Finally, the children will rehearse and perform their stories – ideally filmed on ipads (moviemaker) if available at the school.

Half day session (3 hr)  £90
Full day session (5 hr)  £150

Classes can be up to a maximum of 30 children, but ideally groups of 20.

Some of the schools Rachel has visited with her workshops include:

Latimer Primary, Anstey (3 visits)

(OLCS) Amherst, Loughborough

Moira Primary

English Martyrs, Oakham

Sandringham & West Newton, Norfolk

Puppet workshop at Anstey Library