Ruffle the life saver with The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust

Ruffle the life saver with The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust

Ruffle the life saver!

If Ruffle the Rail Dog can save a life,
so can YOU! Learn CPR and how to use
a defibrillator – Woof! Woof!

We were proud to be involved in the launch of an exciting edition to the ‘Ruffle’ series of children’s stories. Titled ‘Ruffle the life saver’, it is specifically aimed at giving primary school-aged children knowledge about CPR and the use of defibrillators to promote the message that everyone can be a potential life saver.

The book was written and illustrated by Rachel Greaves in association with the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust (JHMT) – a trust set up to promote awareness of Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) and how lives could be saved by the prompt use of defibrillators. Joe, a teenager Rachel knew from a toddler, sadly collapsed and died from SADS whilst out jogging.

‘Ruffle the life saver’ is set against the familiar surroundings of the little heritage railway where Ruffle frequently visits. On this particular visit, a driver on a steam train ‘driver experience’ collapses and Ruffle fetches help. The story unfolds by explaining how CPR and the use of the station’s defibrillator help save the driver’s life. The message is that even if children aren’t physically able to attempt or maintain CPR, knowledge of it and about the use of defibrillators could save a person’s life – everyone can be a life saver!

The JHMT was so impressed by the story that they have purchased enough ‘Ruffle the life saver’ books to donate one to every primary school in Leicestershire – Rachel and Joe’s home county.

View the short film made to launch the book and share in Ruffle’s special adventure.