Story telling with Ruffle the rail dog

Meet Rachel, local author and illustrator

Meet Rachel

       Rachel is a local English and Drama teacher who began drawing and writing the Ruffle series of stories in September 2015. Since self-publishing in April 2016, she has sold over 2500 books, with some being taken to Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand!

Rachel has combined her love and experience of Airedale Terriers with a knowledge of events on a steam railway (from her two grown up children who worked on the GCR in Leicestershire), together with her imagination, to create a series of charming, gentle stories that are being enjoyed by audiences young and old.  Rachel’s use of coloured pencils in the illustrations adds to the character of Ruffle and will delight his readers.

          Following the initial four books, the series continued with Ruffle’s first Christmas adventure, published in September 2016.  In addition a series of rhyming stories about Ruffle are appearing in local monthly magazines.  A selection of these stories formed ‘Ruffle’s Rhyme and Colouring Time’ – published early in 2017, along with an exciting new adventure at a Teddy Bears’ picnic.

           Ruffle’s latest adventure is ‘Ruffle the life saver’ – a bespoke story that promotes knowledge about CPR and defibrillators.  Each of the 300 primary schools in Rachel’s home county of Leicestershire will receive a copy – donated by the trust set up in memory of a young SADS victim (JHMT).

Be part of Ruffle’s exciting new journey!